Foundation Scholarships Leads in her major. Researches tirelessly. Earns departmental honors. Academic excellence is a point of pride for Chi Omegas. In recognition of the exceptional accomplishments of our members, the Chi Omega Foundation awards scholarships and grants to collegiate and alumnae members. Thanks to the generous support of many alumnae and the commitment of […]

Celebrating 75-Year Sisters

Every spring, Chi Omega asks Sisters all over the country to surprise our more “senior Sisters” who are celebrating 75 years of Chi Omega membership with a special recognition certificate and white carnation flowers. Here, we will be sharing stories from across the country about these special visits. If you are interested in participating in […]

The Chi Omega Symphony Guides New U.S. Congresswoman

Read U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Dang Murphy’s Orlando 2017 Eleusinia Speech, below. Good Morning, My name is Stephanie Murphy, and I am the Congresswoman for Florida’s Seventh Congressional District here in central Florida. I am also a proud sister of the Chi Omega Omicron Beta Chapter of The College of William and Mary. I am thrilled […]

Learn & Give to Chi Omega

The 125th Anniversary Challenge is Live! Let the countdown begin! Celebrate Chi Omega and our five Founders by supporting our biggest fundraising challenge in Chi Omega history or of any sorority! We are challenging 5,000 Sisters to give a gift of $10 or more to Chi Omega. If we meet this challenge from Susan Miller […]