Recommend a Woman for Recruitment

recommend_mainDo you know a woman who you think would be a great Chi Omega?
Every year Chi Omega collegiate chapter welcomes new members into our Sisterhood. Alumnae play a critical role in helping introduce Potential New Members (PNMs) to the chapter.You can help our collegiate chapters find young women who exhibit Chi Omega’s six purposes by signing into EveryDay in order to complete a Recruitment Information Form (RIF). Reference the “Recruitment Information” section on your EveryDay home page. Note: If you leave a comment in the section below, please include your email address or if you would like to contact Chi Omega Executive Headquarters directly, email


We encourage you to take time in recommending women. As an alumna, you are one of our best resources for knowing which women will help our Fraternity flourish!


recommend 2Who is a Chi Omega legacy?

Chi Omega defines a legacy as a sister or a daughter of a Chi Omega in good standing. Granddaughters, cousins, and nieces of Chi Omegas have close ties but are not Chi Omega legacies. Someone whose sister and mother are both Chi Omegas may be referred to as a double legacy.

recommend 3What is a Recruitment Information Form (RIF)?

A Recruitment Information Form (RIF) allows a Chi Omega alumna in good standing to recommend an outstanding young woman for membership. Information provided on the RIF is considered during the chapter’s pre-screening process and during member selection sessions.

recommend_4How to Fill Out a RIF

There are two versions of our RIF form: the online version and the paper version.

If you use the paper RIF, it must be signed by at least TWO Chi Omega alumnae. The first signature is that of the alumna providing the information and recommending the PNM for membership. The second signature should be from the area recruitment information chair (ARIC). The ARIC forwards the RIF and attachments to the appropriate recruitment advisor.

If there is no ARIC, then an alumnae chapter officer or the state recruitment information chair (SRIC) can provide the second signature. If the PNM is from an area with no ARIC, no alumnae chapter, and no SRIC, a second Chi Omega alumna signature is required. If you are unable to obtain a second signature from the PNM’s hometown, you may forward the RIF to the closest ARIC or SRIC for the second required signature. If you use the Online RIF system the ARIC/SRIC will automatically be notified they need to approve a RIF online.

recommend_4How to Send a RIF

To locate contact information for these recruitment volunteers, go to> Featured Links>Recruitment. Then, click on the link “Find Recruitment Contacts” to locate recruitment volunteers by state. Online information is updated daily and is the most current resource for recruitment contacts.

For Sisters without Internet access or who have any other questions, feel free to call Chi Omega Executive Headquarters at 901/748-8600.

recommend_6Importance of Alumnae Recommendations

Chapters welcome and greatly appreciate alumnae feedback on women who exhibit Chi Omega’s six purposes.

You can trust Chi Omega will be strengthened by your dedication to the recruitment information process. Thank you to all collegiate and alumnae members for helping grow our Fraternity with women who share the same values, generation after generation!

Questions? Contact Executive Headquarters at 901/748-8600 or