Convention 2020 Transition to Virtual

Our Symphony charges each of us “to choose thoughtfully, that course which occasion and conscience demand.”

The Governing Council has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic in regard to Convention 2020. In accordance with current knowledge regarding large group gatherings and travel, Chi Omega will be transitioning select aspects of Convention 2020 to a virtual format and, regretfully, cancelling all in-person Convention events for the health and safety of our attendees.

This decision was not made lightly, especially in our 125th anniversary year, as we recognize that Convention is often one of the highlights of one’s Chi Omega experience. Since Chi Omegas are “discouraged never,” the Governing Council is exploring creative, virtual ideas to bring the celebratory aspects to life.

We know many of you have specific questions. Here are a few answers we have at this time. Please be on the lookout for more information in future communications.

What aspects of Convention will be virtual?

While Chi Omega Convention is a celebration, there are always business-critical portions of the agenda. Convention 2020 will be no different. Biennial Fraternity business will be held virtually, and details and instructions will be provided to voting delegates in the near future.

We are working to determine additional ways to engage all Sisters virtually for certain celebratory aspects of Convention. More to come!

Fortunately, Chi Omega conducted all of its annual officer trainings at Firesides Leadership Trainings in February 2020, so delegates will not be missing out on educational programming.

How will our Governing Council be elected?*

The Committee on Nominations is still proceeding with the creation of the slate.

The biennial slating of the Governing Council is considered business-critical to the Fraternity and the election of the 2020-2022 Council will be the focus of the virtual business meeting.

Official voting delegates will still be required to attend the virtual business meeting.

Official voting delegates include the following: G.H., Personnel Advisor, House Corporation Board President, SRICs, Standing team chairs, Chi O Creations President, Alumnae Chapter Presidents, Current and former members of the Supreme Governing Council, Current Foundation Trustees, select Chi Omega representatives to the National Panhellenic Conference, and Convention staff.

Voting delegates will be sent an invitation to register for the virtual meeting. Credentials will be verified electronically.

What about the Supreme Governing Council Model Initiates?

The Governing Council is committed to a meaningful Initiation ceremony for these selected, deserving New Members. Details will be communicated to these women, their chapters and their Chi Omega loved ones soon.

When will the events be held?

Any virtual meetings or events will still be held during the June 25-28 timeframe. Specific times and access instructions will be communicated at a later date.

Will there still be awards presented?

Yes! Chapters and individual Sisters will still be recognized with awards. Some awards may not be included in the visual presentation, due to time constraints.

Will any fees already paid be refunded?

Yes. If someone you know has already registered for Convention, they will receive an automatic refund. Chi Omega is in the process of working with both the Sheraton Downtown Memphis (901.527.7300) and the Peabody Hotel (901.529.4000) to cancel all rooms booked in the Chi Omega room block. They should receive a cancellation confirmation in the coming days via email if they provided an email address during the reservation process. Please contact the hotels directly with any questions about a specific reservation. If you have booked an airline ticket or sleeping accommodations not associated with the Chi Omega hotel room blocks, we recommend reaching out to these respective businesses to inquire about a refund.

Required collegiate chapter delegates (G.H. and Personnel Advisor) should not expect a charge on the Chapter Dashboard for Convention.