COVID-19 Updates

Summer 2021: An Update From the Chi Omega Executive Headquarters

The vaccine is now available and many campuses are planning for in-person instruction. Chi Omega chapters are still being advised to follow the university, community and CDC guidelines when it comes to gatherings of any kind. Recruitment has been forever changed and some rounds will take place virtually even if campuses are fully open so we are preparing to continue utilizing Zoom and other virtual technologies where applicable. 

Our facilities have implemented appropriate group living protocols and are also abiding by respective COVID-19 guidelines. Chi Omega is ready to welcome new members to our Sisterhood and welcome back our Sisters to the support system they have always known.  

The Chi Omega Executive Headquarters staff is back in the building also following safety protocols, and we look forward to continuing to provide the level of support and customer service our members are accustomed to. 

Fall 2020: Update to Parents

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Late Summer 2020: The Helping Hands Fund for Disaster Relief: COVID-19

If you are facing hardship due to COVID-19, you can apply for the Helping Hands Fund for Disaster Relief Grant. Click here to learn more and for information on how to support the fund.

March 2020: An Update from the Chi Omega Executive Headquarters

In response to the ever evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the Chi Omega Executive Headquarters adjusted to a remote-work model for our employees beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. This means the Executive Headquarters facility has been and will continue to be closed for day-to-day work operations, events, trainings, and tours.

Chi Omega’s leadership made this decision out of an abundance of caution to match the direction we are giving our chapters and members during this time – to keep our Sisters’ health and safety ever at heart. Our professional staff members have continued to work with every chapter during this time. Whether our chapters are experiencing remote learning, in-person classes, or a hybrid model, we have encouraged them follow all local, state, and university guidelines. Rest assured that while the Executive Headquarters is closed, service to our members has not been interrupted. We also thank our volunteers for stepping forward to assist our chapters in dealing with these challenges over the past several months and into the future.

You may still contact our main number 901.748.8600 and reach live reception between 8am – 5pm Central and all direct staff extensions have been forwarded. Should you have an after-hours Chi Omega-related emergency, the main phone number greeting will provide additional instructions. We will make an announcement when the Executive Headquarters reopens.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected by this unprecedented turn of events and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front lines working to manage this pandemic and its impact.

We encourage you to visit the CDC website for the latest information on the virus, and for updates on Chi Omega’s response to COVID-19, please check back here.

For 125 years, Chi Omega has purposefully weathered triumphs, trials and tribulations. We know that the strength of our Sisterhood will help us continue navigating the path ahead.

As the nation continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19, Chi Omega is navigating the necessary precautions with a focus on our members “keeping her welfare ever at heart.” In that spirit, we share the following guidance.  

COVID-19 is a rapidly changing situation, and universities continue to take preventative measures to stop the spread of illness and avoid potential outbreaks. Chi Omega is doing the same. While postponement, cancellation, and format adjustments of events or the closing of chapter facilities is a last resort, our main priority is keeping our Sisters safe and healthy.

We encourage you to check back here often for updates as new developments arise, and please feel free to reach out to the Executive Headquarters with questions: 901.748.8600 or


Health officials and MJ Insurance, Chi Omega’s insurance company, recommend that chapters follow all state, local, and university guidelines during this time.

The Chi Omega Executive Headquarters has asked that collegiate and alumnae chapter leaders discuss upcoming chapter events to determine if it is best to move forward while adhering to state, local, and university guidelines, hold the event virtually, postpone, or cancel. The Governing Council is offering leniency on expectations of required events, such as Initiation and chapter meeting, should chapter leaders feel most comfortable canceling or postponing them. Collegiate chapters have been asked to let their Regional Director know if they plan to modify these events. 


The Executive Headquarters is working closely with local house corporations to determine the proper precautions necessary to keep our members and communities safe. In most cases, our advice is to match the precautions taken by the university and follow the advice of the health officials on campus and in the community.

In the event there is a local outbreak or exposure, we recommend Chi Omega chapters follow the same guidelines and quarantines as stated by the university, particularly as it relates to group living.

For more information on prevention and treatment of the disease and the latest news regarding coronavirus, visit the CDC website below.