Risk Management

Chi Omega is actively educating our members about risk management, personal responsibility, and good decision-making practices.

Providing risk management and alcohol education is an extremely important aspect of helping our members make solid decisions. Chi Omega’s approach to alcohol education is a matter of health and safety for the entire duration of a woman’s life.

Chi Omega remains committed to providing current information so our members are aware of the health implications of alcohol use and training so our members will be equipped to make appropriate personal decisions. Some of the alcohol specific trainings include risk management chapter visits, online risk management modules, and Mock Trial visits.  Each of these programs is supported through grants from the Chi Omega Foundation.Your donations to the Chi Omega Foundation can make it possible for more Chi Omega members to benefit from this exceptional training. Click here to support.

Risk Management Visits

Chi Omega conducts risk management visits for various collegiate chapters each semester. The curriculum used in these visits is based on the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), a skills-training approach using motivational interviewing techniques in its delivery with a focus on drinking in a less dangerous and risky way for those who make the choice to drink. The curriculum is scientifically based and proven to get results.

Online Education

Every Chi Omega collegiate member participates in online risk management training annually. These course modules include interactive online learning focused on alcohol, drugs, hazing, sexual violence, and bystander intervention. This program also includes information about Chi Omega’s rules and policies.

Mock Trials

As part of Chi Omega’s Risk Management Education Toolkit, Mock Trials teach chapter members, officers, and advisors about the potential legal consequences of members failing to follow the rules or chapters failing to enforce violations of risk management protocols. This eye-opening and transformative program is presented to select chapters annually by Chi Omegas who are licensed attorneys.

Anti-Hazing Hotline

The Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline, established in 2007 by a consortium of national fraternities and sororities, is currently sponsored by 47 national and international Greek organizations.

The Hotline provides an anonymous telephone line for anyone to report a suspected or recent hazing incident to one number 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293) that accepts calls 24 hours a day. The Hotline connects to a dedicated voice mailbox at Manley Burke, LPA. The calls are automatically saved as audio files that are then transmitted by e-mail to the headquarters of the fraternity or sorority named in the report. This is true whether or not the reports are about one of the sponsors or another organization. In some instances, reports are about athletic teams, bands or clubs. When those calls are received, the institution where the organization is located is contacted.

In addition to the toll-free telephone number, reports may be made directly on this page. Just as with the phone calls, all messages are directed to Manley Burke, LPA. The reports are then forwarded to the national organization named in the report. To report known or suspected hazing, click here. Please clearly identify the organization and university that you are reporting.