Introducing “Sisters on purpose”

new cover photoDuring Convention 2016, S.H. Shelley Potter unveiled a project two years in the making – the reveal of Chi Omega’s new visual identity and themeline.

As many of our Sisters know, collegians are faced with many choices as they start their college experiences. Sororities are just one of those choices. And, without the benefit of knowledge about what makes Chi Omega Sisterhood unique, the landscape of sororities all blends together. Especially, if all someone has to go on is a few Greek letters in a logo and a line of inspiring words.

More than ten years ago, Chi Omega defined “Flourish” as the expression of the opportunity for Sisters to grow to their full potential with the support of the Fraternity’s Sisterhood. “Flourish” helped to articulate the benefits Chi Omega provides.

But, a decade later – a few circumstances had changed.

For one, the idea behind flourish became less and less unique as many organizations adopted similar language and icons in their logos.

But more importantly, during this time, the world changed dramatically. With more choices of how to spend time, and easier access to creating groups of friends and networking on social media, the role of sororities in young women’s lives seemed less and less clear.

Over time, many began to wonder, does she even need us anymore?

The answer? Absolutely.

And it’s Chi Omega’s job to tell her why. You see, a brand is so much more than a logo or a theme line.

A brand is a PROMISE.

To be meaningful in today’s world, a brand must convey what’s true for those of us who know to those who don’t. It has to connect in today’s world in a fresh modern way. It also has to be one that only Chi Omega can claim.  So Chi Omega embarked upon a deliberate journey to make sure our brand promise rings true, that it differentiates and is a beacon for the future.

Through collective research we found that Chi Omega’s six founding purposes – established as the standards of the organization — continue to be the basis for what sets our Fraternity apart.

At the same time, the beauty of Chi Omega is the individuality that each Sister brings. Each Chi Omega has her own unique strengths and traits that make us a group that defies stereotype – women come as they are – and find authentic connections with Sisters while staying true to who they are.

Chi Omegas are women of substance, who expect more of the world and seek it out at every turn and want our brand to showcase that Chi Omega has vision and purpose, and that each member comes to us with her own intention and purpose.

We want to show the world, that Chi Omegas are…

Sisters on purpose.

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