How to Start a New Chapter

There is not a Chi Omega chapter on my campus.
How does one get started?

Chi Omega chapters are founded through a process called “extension.” Extension is the addition of a National Panhellenic Conference chapter to the Panhellenic community on a college or university campus, or the establishment of a fraternity/sorority community on a campus where previously none had existed.

Since its founding, Chi Omega has sought national growth, offering the Chi Omega experience to outstanding young women from coast to coast. Chi Omega receives inquiries about extension from university Panhellenic associations, local sororities seeking national affiliation, individual students, and alumnae. Chi Omega carefully considers each opportunity, does research, and chooses thoughtfully what is best for the Fraternity at the time.

The NPC Extension Committee will assist any campus wishing to add a NPC chapter or establish a Panhellenic system or any local sorority wishing to affiliate with a national organization. To contact NPC and learn more go to


To contact Chi Omega, please send correspondence to:

Director of Extension and Special Projects
Chi Omega Fraternity
3395 Players Club Parkway
Memphis, TN 38125
Phone: (901) 748-8600 Fax: (901) 748-8686