How to Join Chi Omega

Every year, over 9,000 women join Chi Omega, the largest fraternal women’s organization in the world with 181 collegiate chapters and over 380,000 initiates. Membership in Chi Omega provides lifelong friendships, campus and community involvement, and countless opportunities for personal growth and development in college and beyond. Chi Omega offers a home in your new college environment and a place where you can make a difference and thrive!

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Recruitment Precautions this Fall

There will still be opportunities for women to join Chi Omega chapters in the fall. We encourage you to reach out to the Office of Student Life or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life on your campus to learn how to register for sorority recruitment.

The Chi Omega Executive Headquarters is working extensively with the National Panhellenic Conference and campus partners to determine what recruitment will look like on each of our campuses. Our priority will be providing a welcoming and safe environment for Potential New Members to experience how Chi Omega can change their lives for the better, even if the experiences looks different from the outside – the heart of our Sisterhood will remain the same.

How do I join Chi Omega?

In order to become a member of Chi Omega, you will need to participate in recruitment on your college campus.

As a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), Chi Omega may participate in any of these four recruitment styles:

  • Fully Structured Recruitment
  • Partially Structured Recruitment
  • Minimally Structured Recruitment
  • Continuous Recruitment

In light of current COVID-19 precautions, universities may be adjusting their recruitment process. We encourage you to reach out to the Office of Student Life or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life on your campus to learn how to register for sorority recruitment.

“Should I just wait until things return to “normal” to go through Recruitment?”

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Normalcy has been taken away from incoming college students, as many had the celebrations associated with the end of one’s high school career taken away. Now, with the transition to college already overwhelming, we know you’re facing the challenge of navigating an altered college experience.

Chi Omega can provide structure and opportunities for New Members to get plugged into a values-based community right away, despite the changes to the traditional college experience.

Our Sisterhood can ease the scary and overwhelming transition into college, give members a support system to help them grow and find true belonging, and help them find their passions through well rounded experiences.

Further, Chi Omega will provide you with a strong connection to your University and college life, especially with members who have had years already on campus. This experience can be translated and replicated by older Chi Omega Sisters in a way first year students without the network Chi Omega provides will not have.

“What are the lifetime benefits of joining Chi Omega?”

Sorority membership provides an opportunity for members to reach their fullest potentials and gain access to a supportive network of women that will help them grow far beyond their college days. Membership in fraternal organizations have been linked to higher well-being for college graduates

In a 2014 Gallup-Purdue Index Study, it was found that college graduates who were in fraternities and sororities were more likely to be thriving in all five critical elements of well-being (purpose, social, financial, physical and community). Subjects were found to have:

  • Felt more motivated to achieve goals
  • Had stronger emotional support systems
  • Been more effective at managing economic life and increased financial security
  • Been more likely to be engaged in the community
  • Higher rates of physical wellbeing
  • Fraternity and sorority members were also found to be more engaged in the workplace and invested in experiential learning opportunities.

For more FAQs regarding joining Chi Omega in light of COVID-19, click here.