A “Name Twin” on Chi Omega Everyday

“I was texting with my G.M. a few weeks back while she was checking out Chi Omega Everyday and all the resources the website had to offer. Since we were chatting, she decided to search my name… and found that two Mary Farleys popped up! I went and looked her up Chi Omega Everyday as well. I found that my name twin was a part of the Xi Alpha chapter at Chi Omega – University of Utah and was initiated in 1954. Instantly, I knew I had to write her a letter. I sat down and wrote to her telling her a little bit about myself, how I was G.H. at Zeta Mu and how my experience in Chi Omega has been so far. A few days later my mom came back from the mailbox with a letter for me… I got a letter back from Mary Farley! She wrote about her experiences as a Chi Omega, her favorite memories, and what she has been up to since. Though there are 63 years between us, the connection through both name and Sisterhood was very evident. I loved hearing about the similarities and differences between our chapters and sorority years. My new pen pal reminded me that we are all connected no matter our initiated year or school by being Sisters in Chi Omega.” Mary Farley, Chi Omega at the University of Denver