Harvey’s Hero

Chi Omega is incredibly grateful to Sisters, neighbors, first-responders, and many more who have stepped up throughout Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to help with bravery and generosity.

One such Sister is Dr. Jennifer McQuade (Lambda Gamma | Virginia, pictured below on the left), an oncologist at Houston’s MD Anderson Center, who has been dubbed “Harvey’s Hero” by many in the community. The following was written about Sister McQuade on Facebook by fellow physician, Dr. Lourdes Eco-Jea on September 3, 2017:

“I wanted to share here first a story about a new friend I made about a very special Harvey Hero…Jennifer McQuade.

“She has been working nonstop literally since the early hours that this disaster hit. She was on the ground at George R Brown Convention (GRB) Center (walked from her home a mile away) when she heard that medical teams were needed to accept the first few evacuees….and initiated an overwhelming response during this tragedy. She just put out calls for help and assistance from GRB and brought complete strangers together working side by side.

“She has orchestrated such an amazing heroic response with the resources given her as hundreds and then thousands were bussed and unloaded out of metro buses and dump trucks. In a few hours, GRB was already double the capacity of 5,000 and still accepting more.

“I have nicknamed her so many names in these past few days…”corporate” because she was able with the help of another local Physician Mothers Group bring in much needed insulin and refrigeration (a rare commodity!) from reps of Sonofi, Lilly…almost like magic and the wave of her wand.

“[Another nickname] Wonder woman… From my ongoing texts with her and core group of heroes and brave boots-on-the-ground Physician Mothers Groupers she was literally flying from station to station at both the super shelters of GRB and NRG Park helping set up the initial medical response with donated medications from all over the city that we collected, sorted, and stocked (initially there was only Tylenol and ibuprofen and first aid kits).

“The evacuees were picked up in the early morning hours as the flood waters entered their homes and left them no time to take their own medications….they needed their injectable insulin, blood pressure meds, anti-seizure meds, antibiotics, and their psych meds…as well as trying to figure out what to do with other chronic medical issue needs of renal patients, chemo patients, special needs kids, nursing home residents, patients on long term tube feedings, etc…fellow colleagues posted their concerns and suggestions trying to seek solutions together in real time and virtual space. With her finesse, we were able to hold the fort until the Red Cross finally was able to mobilize their trucks and supplies through the flooded city…the following day it was the same response as we mobilized in a new super shelter at the NRG Center with a capacity of 10k.

“Today, I called her my Harvey Hero…she is running on fumes by now (day 5) along with her incredible and brave partners-in-crime Regina Troxell and Ashley Saucier … but because of her love for the city and the people that have welcomed her to her new home…she continued to run and make things happen. [She] brought in pallets of strollers and pack-n-plays so the kids could sleep without fear of falling off the cots or sleeping on a cold, damp floor….and even started to help mobilize the medical response team at the the Alexandria super shelter in Louisiana, sending shipments of the medications collected from Houston and also Oklahoma driven in by another Physician Mother’s Grouper Suzanne Cole across to another state!

“I know she will likely be one of the many unsung heroes during this unfathomable natural disaster…but I would like even for a minute highlight the wonderful and heroic role that this one individual has played. With so much division in our country these past few weeks…getting to know an individual with so much unselfish love and concern for others has truly restored my faith in our humanity and our capacity to give of ourselves for others. She is an angel.”


More than 1,300 alumnae and collegiate Sisters came together at the Grande Lakes Resort in Orlando this June for the 61st Biennial Chi Omega Convention.

The first night of Convention marked the release of Chi Omega’s new visual identity, including a new logo and tagline: Sisters on purpose. This new look gives a modern identity to our Sisterhood that will represent our membership today and for years to come.

The Epsilon Alpha Chapter conducted a beautiful initiation ceremony for the entire Convention delegation for Supreme Governing Council Model Initiate Natalie Thompson, who was joined for the ceremony by her mother, sister, grandmother, and many other Chi Omega family members and friends.

We were honored to recognize many collegiate and alumnae members during Convention for their service to Chi Omega, including Presidents’ Award recipient and former S.H. Letitia Fulkerson (Zeta Alpha/The Ohio State University). Watch the video presentation announcing Sister Fulkerson

For our required delegates, Convention 2016 focused on programming with purpose. Educational workshops connected brand positioning with strategic programming decisions and leadership training, all anchored by Chi Omega’s vision and purposes.

The weekend ended with the Governing Council serenade in the Citrus Garden, honoring our newly appointed Governing Council members for the 2016-18 biennium. We are thrilled to welcome Gena Staggs Runnion (Psi/University of Arkansas) to her first term on the Governing Council and are so grateful to former S.K.A. Jane McWilliams Tankersley (Epsilon Delta/U of Southern Mississippi) for her dedicated service to Chi Omega.

Convention 2016 was a great time to be a Chi Omega! Mark your calendars for Firesides 2017 in Memphis this February and Convention 2018 in Phoenix.

2016-18 Chi Omega Governing Council:

S.H.: Shelley Eubanks Potter (Xi Kappa/Texas A&M)

S.T.B.: Laura Shrode Miller (Rho Epsilon/Texas Christian U)

S.K.A.: Gena Staggs Runnion (Psi/U of Arkansas)

S.N.V.: Anna Funderburk Buckner (Alpha Beta/Auburn U)

S.M.: Missy Ganaway Pask (Sigma Alpha/Miami U)


Bridesmaids co-writer and Chi Omega Sister Annie Mumolo (Mu/UC Berkeley) takes the screen this month in the comedy Bad Moms, starring alongside Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and other leading ladies of comedy.

Mumolo was nominated for her first Oscar (Best Writing, Original Screenplay) for her work on Bridesmaids in 2012, but the movie’s runaway success wasn’t her first venture into the comedy scene. She has also had roles in Modern Family, About A Boy, This Is 40, and Bewitched, along with voicing many animated characters. Mumolo is a graduate of premier Hollywood comedy troupe The Groundlings, which has served as the starting point for comedians including Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, and Annie’s future Bridesmaids co-writer Kristen Wiig.

Annie talks Hollywood, women in comedy, and motherhood in this article and video from The Huffington Post, and you can catch this talented Sister in Bad Moms, in theaters this month!