Announcing Chi Omega’s 2018 Supreme Governing Council Model Initiates

Since 1900, the Governing Council has chosen at least one young woman who upholds the true meaning of Chi Omega, excels in her studies, is loved by her friends, and exemplifies the six purposes to serve as the Supreme Governing Council Model Initiate (SGCMI) at each Convention. For the 2018 Convention, we are thrilled to announce there will be not one, but four Supreme Governing Council Model Initiates. As our chapters have grown and faced challenges with space and time, Convention offers an opportunity to model conducting a meaningful experience for multiple initiates.

The following women have been chosen as the 2018 Convention SGCMIs. They will remain New Members until June and will then be initiated by their Sisters at Convention in Phoenix, AZ. Congratulations to these women, their families and close friends, and the Rho Epsilon/Texas Christin University, Lambda Alpha/University of Kentucky, Psi/University of Arkansas and Kappa Zeta/Texas Tech University chapters!

Emily Calloway, Rho Epsilon | TCU

Rho Epsilon/TCU – Emily Calloway

Emily’s connection to Chi Omega dates back to the founding of our Rho Epsilon Chapter at Texas Christian University. Emily’s grandmother, Joan Glasgow Keeling, was a charter member of Rho Epsilon in 1955 and later served as G.H. Emily’s mother, Kay Keeling Calloway, is also a Rho Epsilon initiate and served as the chapter’s G.M. and G.H.

The chapter wrote the following about Emily in their nomination, “Emily, like the women before her, is a natural leader. Others look up to her, respect her, and seek her out for advice. Her peers know that she is a good listener and a source of wisdom for someone so young. She takes responsibility for her actions and serves as a model of personal integrity. She is driven in all that she does, as she sets goals for herself and works hard to achieve them.”

Lucy Hargis, Lambda Alpha | Kentucky

Lambda Alpha/U of Kentucky – Lucy Hargis

The sisters of Lambda Alpha chapter shared the following when nominating Lucy for the SGCMI honor, “In all she does – in all aspects of her life – she always has the welfare of others at heart. We are so lucky that she chose Chi Omega because she has already demonstrated an interest in making a positive impact on the chapter. Not only does she always have a smile on her face, but she is the kind of person that you know will always listen, while also knowing exactly what to say.”

Lucy has a strong connection to Chi Omega, and, more specifically, our Lambda Alpha chapter. Lucy’s grandmother (Nell Vaughn Broadbent Henderson), mother, (Anne Broadbent Hargis), and biological sister (Caroline Hargis Smith) are all initiates of Lambda Alpha chapter.

Corinne Menz, Psi | Arkansas

Psi/U of Arkansas – Corinne Menz

Corinne’s Sisters shared the following about her in their nomination, “She is driven, she is loyal, she is resilient. From our Symphony, the line that Corinne most embodies is ‘to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely’ . . . When aligned with our six purposes, Corinne Menz embodies everything that it means to be a Chi Omega. Corinne is an exceptional leader by example.”

Corinne has many relatives who are Chi Omegas beginning with her great grandmother (Corinne King Laughlin, Psi/U of Arkansas) who was initiated in 1938. In addition, Corinne’s grandmother (Suzanne Laughlin Hawkins, Psi/U of Arkansas), mother (Courtney Hawkins Menz), sister (Mary Mills Menz), aunt (Lisa Ruth Laughlin Pullen), and three cousins (Barbie Hawkins James, Meredith Laughlin Suttle, and Corinne Pullen Skarda) are all initiates of our Psi Chapter. Corinne’s Chi Omega family extends beyond the University of Arkansas as she has four aunts (Barbara Menz Bryan and Nancy Menz Farrell both Kappa Beta/Rhodes College, Laura Menz Harper, Tau Theta/William Woods University, and Ginny Wittichen Hawkins, Tau/U of Mississippi), and two cousins (Mary Mills Hawkins Abington, Phi Gamma/Louisiana State University and Lana Laughlin Richardson, Tau Beta/Oklahoma State University) who are all Chi Omegas.

Kappa Zeta/Texas Tech – Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith, Kappa Zeta | Texas Tech

Caroline comes from a rich heritage of Chi Omega family members including her great grandmother (Jeanne Gravatte Cronmiller, Phi Alpha/GW), grandmother (Jeanne ‘Jan’ Cronmiller Lamb, Gamma/Florida State), mother (Gloria Lamb Smith, Epsilon Zeta/Stephen F. Austin State University), biological sister (Christine Smith, Kappa Zeta/Texas Tech), two aunts (Jeanne Lamb Wisener and Margaret Lamb Wright, both Kappa Zeta/Texas Tech), three cousins (Katherine and Kelley Wright, both Xi Kappa/Texas A&M and Sara Wisener Velarde, Kappa Zeta/Texas Tech) and a sister-in-law (McKinzie Flynn, Rho Epsilon/TCU).

Her nominators shared the following about Caroline, “She is a very well-rounded, hard-working young lady with high morals and values and it is apparent the pride she has for herself, her family, and her relationships . . . Her bright smile and caring ways lead to fun and strong friendships. Her heart for others pushes her to serve ones around her.”