Risk Management

Chi Omega is actively educating our members about risk management, personal responsibility, and good decision-making practices.

Providing risk management and alcohol education is an extremely important aspect of helping our members make solid decisions. Chi Omega’s approach to alcohol education is a matter of health and safety for the entire duration of a woman’s life.

Chi Omega remains committed to providing current information so our members are aware of the health implications of alcohol use and training so our members will be equipped to make appropriate personal decisions. Some of the alcohol specific trainings include risk management visits, GreekLifeEdu, online risk management modules, and Mock Trial visits.  Each of these programs is supported through grants from the Chi Omega Foundation.Your donations to the Chi Omega Foundation can make it possible for more Chi Omega members to benefit from this exceptional training. Click here to support.

riskmgmt_1Risk Management Visits

Chi Omega conducts risk management visits for various collegiate chapters each semester. The curriculum used in these visits is based on the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), a skills-training approach using motivational interviewing techniques in its delivery with a focus on drinking in a less dangerous and risky way for those who make the choice to drink. The curriculum is scientifically based and proven to get results.

riskmgmt_2Online Education

Every Chi Omega collegiate member participates in an age-targeted online risk management training annually. Freshman and sophomore Chi Omegas participate in GreekLifeEdu, an interactive online program focused on alcohol, hazing, and sexual violence. This program utilizes a values-based approach and also includes information about Chi Omega’s rules and policies.

Realizing that members have different needs as they progress through their membership experience, in 2011 Chi Omega created targeted risk management modules for junior and senior collegiate members. The junior module focuses on protective factors and personal responsibility when making the choice to consume alcohol, and the senior module challenges members to think about alcohol and life after college.

riskmgmt_5Mock Trials

As part of Chi Omega’s Risk Management Education Toolkit, Mock Trials teach chapter members, officers, and advisors about the potential legal consequences of members failing to follow the rules or chapters failing to enforce violations of risk management protocols. This eye-opening and transformative program is presented to select chapters annually by Chi Omegas who are licensed attorneys.

Addressing Sexual Violence

Dear Sisters,

As we gradually move towards the end of the fall semester, I want to reiterate the importance of the safety and well-being of our members. Over the past year, the Governing Council has taken time to listen to our members’ thoughts about sexual assault on college campuses and ideas for how Chi Omega can help educate our members on this important issue.

This topic continues to be at the forefront of public discussion. As national president, I feel it is important for you to know that Chi Omega has taken steps to protect our community, and will continue to have a strong voice in the national conversation on how to prevent these violent and criminal acts.

Chi Omega provides each of our collegiate Sisters with risk management training every year, including a new module on sexual violence awareness and intervention, designed by experts to help protect the health, safety, and well-being of our members. Chi Omega will also continue to offer bystander behavior workshops where appropriate, participate in the National Panhellenic Conference’s Something of Value programs and encourage participation in any related campus-sponsored programming. In addition, we will continue to support the increased effort of the National Panhellenic Conference to have meaningful conversations about this topic in sorority and university communities.

Chi Omega continues to monitor discussions about this serious topic. In spring 2014, Chi Omega Executive Director Leslie Herington was personally invited to the White House, along with other fraternal leaders, to participate in a listening session regarding sexual assault, and best practices around prevention, responding, and adjudication. The National Panhellenic Conference continues to engage in dialogue with members of Congress, as well as other women’s organizations, to find ways to end violence against women.

We understand that there is great interest in discussion around the topic of legislation regarding sexual assault and campus safety. Chi Omega supports National Panhellenic Conference efforts and remains committed to advancing solutions to improve campus safety.

Chi Omega supports our Sisters, and all survivors. Should anyone share her story of sexual assault with you, I encourage you to listen. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert; you just have to be a friend. It’s important we continue this dialogue for the safety of our members, and encourage Sisters to seek information and support through campus and community resources across the country.

Sisters, the Governing Council cares deeply about each of you. There is absolutely nothing more important than your safety and well-being. Look out for one another, and continue to keep your Sisters “ever at heart.”

Shelley Potter
Chi Omega National President

For more about how the National Panhellenic Conference is continuing the discussion on sexual violence and other important topics that could impact our members, click here.  You may also email chiomega@chiomega.com to share your feedback.  Comments are regularly compiled and shared with the Governing Council.