Alumnae Educational Recipients Give Thanks

Chi Omegas change the world. The Chi Omega Foundation’s Annual Fund gift helps women age 24 and over pursue the education they rely upon to become leaders in dynamic and significant fields.

Past recipients have made significant strides in their fields of world health, animal welfare, federal policy-making, environmental science, educational engineering, neuroscience, English as a second language, nursing, political science, commerce, and speech-language pathology, among many others. In partnering with Chi Omega scholars to help them achieve their scholastic goals, your donations also advance their areas of study.

When you fund one Chi Omega scholar, you profoundly touch the lives of many. Read what recipients are saying about how donor-supported Alumnae Grants are making a difference:


I have experienced many financial difficulties that have jeopardized the continuation of my journey as a Ph.D. student in neuroscience. Because of donors’ generosity, I am able to remain focused on my dreams. My goal is to make a difference in people’s lives as donors did in mine. I have begun my journey to become a female leader in the field by encouraging females, especially minority females, to consider neuroscience as a career. I am proud to be a Chi Omega!


-Yoko Ogawa (Tao Gamma/Wittenburg U), candidate for Ph.D. in Neuroscience 2014

My area of emphasis is Applied Microbiology and my research is on HIV and aging. I am solely responsible for the funding of my Ph.D. and the Chi Omega Alumnae Educational Grant will offset the tuition costs I need to earn it.

-Linda Battalora (Phi Gamma/Louisiana State U), candidate for Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering 2013 

It can be a challenge to continue schooling without financial support. Many women may have the ability and desire to continue their educations, but do not because of cost. So I cannot thank donors enough for taking a portion of that burden and supporting me as I reach goals through advancing my education.

-Emily Mashack (Sigma Lambda/Southwestern Virginia U), candidate for Masters in Public Health 2013

CLICK HERE to learn more about scholarship opportunities through the Chi Omega Foundation or contact Foundation Ambassador and Scholarship Coordinator Angela Reynolds at or 901/748-8600.

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